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 2020 Class Schedule 



                     Energetic Space Clearing Course

                              (8 week Online Course)

        Energy builds.  Energy Collects. Energy stagnates. Energy needs to be                                                   cleared.

        In this practical, creative, 8 week online course you will:

        Learn to recognize the need for clearing space.
        Determine what energy is stuck from the past.
        How the space would like to be in service ...

      Have you ever wondered if there was a way to shift the energy in the space where you live? Or how to clear out those creepy or disturbing feelings you sometimes get from your home or other places? Or be able to help clear a piece of land or a business, to restore health and vitality? Would you like to learn how to create a beautiful energy or particular feeling in the place where you live or work? Or discover tools to help you know how to do these things? 

      In this class you will develop a toolkit of techniques and skills, as well as connecting with and developing amazing relationships with your spirit helpers who love working with you in healing, clearing and creating a space that feels aligned, peaceful, creative, wonderful and supportive!

      We'll be answering these questions as well as getting hands on experience in doing energetic space clearings.

    Learn more... Use my contact form and you will be sent details.

    Space Clearing Course  - $497

                     Online Combined Power Journey Circle 


     Collective, focused, intentional energy is extremely powerful.  In our Combined Power Journey Circles we gather in an online environment to explore and heal ourselves and our universe.  These intimate, personal, interactive groups meet twice a month and allow us to use our combined intuition to create positive change.  Energy builds

                                        JOIN US!

 If you register part way into the circle package, the cost is pro-rated. 

                         6 month subscription packages
                                (12 sessions - $120)

     Contact me using the contact form for more details or to register.

      Harness the Healing Power of the Directions
                     (7 week online Course)

     The Directions are known to be wise guides, a source of power and healing.  This course teaches you how to develop a close and unique working relationship with the energy of each direction.

Contact me using the contact form for more details or to register.

To Register or for questions contact or (503) 319-0618 
   or fill out my contact form.

If you would like to guarantee your place in class, please register  
 and pay early as class sizes are limited.

 Payment can be made at to 
 Please include your name, email and class you are registering for.
 I look forward to being in circle together!